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Seller Policy Pages

KTMbuzz is one of the vendor maintaining e-commerce platform. Seller in this platform should maintain quality and standards listed by KTMbuzz. Seller is responsible to Consumers for providing goods and service and to KTMbuzz for business ethics.

 Seller is liable to provide goods and service as listed terms and condition for the consumer and KTMbuzz is liable to coperate in between sellers and consumers.

Product details and product image with clean appearance should be uploaded by seller her/himself. Every product posted by seller will be verified after quality check. Approved product should be provided by vendor. If product is rejected by customer, its the duty of seller to handle it. Every product except perishable goods, should be refundable within seven days from the date of purchase. 

Payment of seller will be settled every 15th day of English date, eg. 15th of January.